Mindfulness Support Service (MSS) has two primary aims.

To support the mental health and emotional wellbeing of adults and children affected by domestic abuse or any associated vulnerabilities or challenges. We do this by teaching trauma informed, evidence based mindfulness practice.

To provide mindfulness training to employees and workplaces to improve their emotional wellbeing, reduce stress and avoid burnout.

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We accept self referrals and referrals from professionals. If you would like to discuss a referral please email us at info@mindfulnesssupportservice.org or call us on 01438 960 040


We can also arrange a suitable time to call you back to answer any queries.


Thinking of joining one of our courses? We need to take some information from you whilch usuall takes around 30 minutes. All referrals are now completed over the phone. Please click on our booking site to book a telephone referral appointment. 

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