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How can Mindfulness help?

The practice of mindfulness offers the skills to observe reactivity, work with emotions and track thinking.


Mindfulness contributes to calm and equanimity when a person feels under pressure, either from within, externally or both. 


Mindfulness supports children and adults alike including families dealing with domestic abuse. 


When perpetrators of abuse acknowledge their unresolved reactivity, they appreciate the tools to enable a change in behaviour.

Families can engage in creative mindfulness practices together to support each other.


Development of empathy

Reduction in risk taking behaviours

Decreased levels of  anxiety

Improvement in focus and attention

Awareness of thoughts and feelings

Increased self esteem

Relieves stress

Lowers blood pressure

Improves sleep

Alleviate internal turmoil

Improved behaviour

Reduction in feelings of anger

A calmer disposition

Enhanced coping mechanisms

Improved mental health

Improved self-regulation

Improved resilience

Improved overall health

Improved educational attainment

Improved relationships and social interaction

Improved positive emotional processing

Reduction in reactive behaviour

Heightened awareness of surroundings

Offers tools to handle difficult situations

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