2019 - Mindfulness Support Service, Hertfordshire,United Kingdom

Our Team

Christopher Titmuss, the director of MSS, is Britain' s senior mindfulness teacher. Trained in mindfulness/meditation as a Buddhist monk from 1970 -76 in Thailand and India, he is the author of more than 20 books. Titles of his books include Mindfulness for Everyday Life, The Mindfulness Manual and The Spiritual Roots of Mindfulness. Poet and social critic, he teaches retreats, training courses and workshops every year in Australia, Germany, India, Israel and Palestine. He gives teachings on ethics, mindfulness, meditation and practices for wise living. He lives in Totnes, Devon. His website include:


www.christophertitmuss.net and 


Ulla K├Ânig is a senior mindfulness teacher and consultant for MSS. Ulla brings mindfulness to a variety of different groups, from refugee women to cancer patients, from people with physical disability to patients with chronic pain. She works with prisoners in federal prisons, providing tools to reduce anger and anxiety. Her mindfulness classes support social workers, social activists and volunteers in reducing their stress level and enabling them to meet the challenging situations they experience in their work life.
A mother of two she lives close to Stuttgart, Germany.