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Colours and Mood

One of the most cheering aspects of spring is the way that the outdoors shifts from cool winter monochrome to a burst of vibrant colours. Psychologists are well aware of how colours can affect the way we feel. Have you ever been soothed by green forest shades or felt the mood lift at the sight of warm oranges or yellows in nature?

Some people like to use colour visualisations to enhance their meditation practice. You could experiment with the following short practice.

1. Settle into a relaxed, comfortable position with the eyes closed if that feels right.

2. Let the attention follow the movement of the breath in the body. How noticeable is the expansion of the torso on the in-breath and the falling on the out-breath?

3. You might like to start visualising that you are breathing in energising red/orange light, with all the beautiful shades of a perfect sunset. Imagine this stimulating light bringing strength and warmth to each cell of the body.

4. Stay with this for as long as you like.

As you get used to this technique you might like to try meditating with different colours. Shades of yellow are found by some to be uplifting. Greens can bring a greater sense of balance and harmony. Blues can help to calm and steady the emotions.

As an alternative to bringing colours into your meditation practice, you could try simply shifting the attention to different coloured objects as a surprisingly effective grounding exercise.

Next time you stop to look at the new leaves on a budding tree in springtime or look up at blue skies on a sunny day, take a moment to really notice how it makes you feel. Enjoy all the awe-inspiring colours of the coming summer months.

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