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Mindfulness Breathing Exercise

The benefits of mindfulness are vast. Mindfulness can be used in daily life. Below is a simple instruction tool that can be used to regulate emotions, gain focus on the present, reduce anxiety about the future, reduce stress levels, banish temporary negative feelings, amongst many other benefits.

Practice of Mindfulness of Breathing

· In the sitting posture, be mindful of the full breath experience.

· Experience the body expanding with the inhalation and contracting with the exhalation.

· Be mindful of breathing in and breathing out.

· If tired, keep the eyes open. If restless, breathe long and deep, relax with the out breath.

· Allow the breath to flow in and out of the body, shallow or deep.

· Be aware of any moment(s) of stillness before the next in-breath.

· Be aware of changes in the breath, of impermanence of every breath.

· Experience the air element stimulating the cells of the body.

· Relax gently with the out breath when the mind easily wanders.

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