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Feedback from previous attendees:

100% of previous course attendees would recommend this course to colleagues

 ‘I have nothing but positivity about this course. I feel privileged to have been involved in this training, I got so much out of it, I am using the techniques at every opportunity day and night, I have never felt so relaxed and de-stressed.


I have shared my experience and techniques with my friends, colleagues and my family, the feeling of complete relaxation is something I never thought I would ever feel and now that they have taught me how, I don’t ever want to lose it. My friends are jealous…


I feel that we should all have access to this training, from the top to the bottom, it would be beneficial to everyone and make for a much more stress free and calm working environment.


I am delighted that the course was aimed specifically at us as workers dealing with our daily workloads and not aimed at our customers and how to deal with their problems, we have to look after ourselves first before we can look after someone else’s.


It is an experience I will never forget and I will use daily, I strive for a calm life and now I know how to get it, I will be eternally grateful to the department for thinking of us and making this happen, it’s the best training I have ever attended and can’t say enough positivity about it.


Thank you thank you thank you.’

Mindfulness and Well-being in the Workplace attendee January 2020


'I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I found I was interested, engaged and very glad I had the opportunity to attend. The tutors were incredibly knowledgeable and their commitment to the course and its content was clear to see. I enjoyed the small group discussion and was reassuring to know that others feel or have felt how I may feel sometimes. I feel that this course gave me an opportunity to take stock on my own behaviour and habits and of those around me. I also feel that it is beneficial to your well-being to be able to take time away to discuss how you may be feeling. From this I believe I will learn to slow down and take time to ensure that I continue with some of the breathing and mindfulness techniques I have learnt. I actually believe that this course could help others and this in turn would improve productivity and well-being within the workplace.'

Mindfulness and Well-being in the Workplace Course attendee January 2020


Personally for me I cannot speak highly enough of the teachers and the course. For someone like myself I often find I struggle switching off when I leave the office and constantly have my mind wonder towards workload and what I need to do the following day. Some of the experiences they shared and especially breathing techniques & reconnecting with the body I think will be invaluable and it has made me already think about the approach I take to work at the start and end of each day.

I think using breaks during the day to just step back and take count of these exercises will help. I practiced some of the actions before going to bed last night and found I not only had a better night’s sleep but I felt more refreshed this morning than I have done in quite a long time.

Mindfulness and Well-being in the Workplace Course attendee January 2020


Interesting, informative and insightful. 

A very good course, well presented and well run.

Learnt a number of techniques to take forward in both my personal and work life.

Would be extremely useful for staff interested in those issues and or suffering from them.

Mindfulness and Well-being in the Workplace Course attendee January 2020


I found it very useful and have already recommended it to Colleagues if another one is run.

The whole 2 days was useful and we are going to try and end each day, the last 10 minutes, to mindfulness and discuss how the day has gone so everyone goes home with a clear mind.

It was refreshing to have an outside organisation facilitate the training, which was presented in a professional manner.

Excellent 2 days.

Mindfulness and Well-being in the Workplace Course attendee January 2020


‘I found this course beneficial within the first 10 minutes for my own wellbeing. Fantastic! I now need to share with work and family.'

‘By far, this is the best course I have ever attended.’

‘This course is invaluable. Everyone should do it’

‘All managers and trustees should do this course. It would transform the working environment’

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The facilitators knowledge was second to none’

‘I came in stressed and left feeling calm at the end of the two days’

‘The course was totally relatable to work and home life. So beneficial. I loved it. The way everything was broken down was so useful. Explanation, practice discussion. ‘

‘I am in awe of Christopher, what an incredible man. Love what MSS is tackling-Finally tools/techniques to change patterns of behaviour’

 ‘I don’t think you could improve on this course. The balance of subjects were just right’

Learning the exercises made me feel so calm and relaxed. I felt the benefits immediately’

‘Christopher is a very engaging speaker’

‘I will most definitely use all the techniques I was taught. Both personally and professionally. They were incredibly useful.’

‘My whole team should do this course’

‘I felt the course was very well thought out, very natural and gave food for thought. I will be using the techniques at home again and making a group at work'


‘The course was very interesting, rewarding and insightful’

‘I no longer feel guilty to take time out for myself to manage my stress and well-being’


‘I am so pleased I came. I thoroughly enjoyed it’​​


‘The course was very calming. Almost hypnotic. I very much enjoyed it’

‘The course was very beneficial. I have gained a lot of knowledge on how to look after myself’

‘The techniques I learnt will greatly support me in the workplace’

 ‘I learnt some really good ideas and solutions to managing stress’’


‘The course was very beneficial. I knew I needed to slow down and be mindful. Now I know how to put it into practice and actually do it.’

‘Excellent and lovely two days. I learnt a lot’

‘Every part of the course was useful. I will definitely recommend’

‘The course was so informative and helpful. The teachers experience and knowledge along with understanding on how issues affected me was so useful’

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